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We are a Community Restaurant!

Important Notice:

We love being a community restaurant and we want to be around for years to come. As we adjust to the everchanging market conditions, we know for sure that we do not want to compromise on our high food quality or the living wages that we pay our staff. As a result of our commitments and the market conditions, we will periodically need to adjust pricing. Independent restaurants, like Fishnet, which are not owned by corporations need your continued support as we navigate these rough economic waters.


East and West...

Like the marriage that brought together partners Ferhat Yalcin, a Turkish born general manager who got his start at a three star Washington, D.C restaurant and Keyia Yalcin, a Howard University alum from Baltimore who hails from the corporate world, Fishnet is a vibrant and exciting marriage of opposites: of East and West, of timeless old-school values and new-school savvy, of simplicity and complexity. 

Doing things the right way...


Our kitchen is a scratch kitchen. We never cut corners. For example, we butcher our own Salmon and thriftily repurpose the off cuts (or non -filet cuts) for our salmon croquettes. We even make use of the bones, slow cooking them to coax out their deep natural flavors for the stocks that are the base for our soups we occasionally offer as a special. 

Mac and Cheese.jpg

Focused, Simple Menu...


Using every part of the fish and keeping our menu small and focused means we can pass on the savings to our guests. We are driven by the goal of making high-grade fish and seafood as accessible, and as approachable, as possible.

Rooted in Community...


The original Fishnet was located in College Park, Maryland. It began in 2011 and remained for 8 years, as the dream of two people who understood the value of building relationships around community tables. Honoring the traditions and recipes built in that space is of the utmost importance to us as we nurture and press toward the vision of Fishnet in the future. 

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