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And the Winner Is …

We have recently started participating in #TriviaTuesday. For the last three Tuesdays we have posted a trivia question on our social media at 3pm. The answer is revealed the next day at 8am. Once the question is posted all of our followers have until 7:59am the next day to participate.

Have you been one of our winners? Everyone who knows the answer wins! Our prizes have and will consist of special deals and promotions to use the next time you dine with us. Over the last three weeks we have given away free sides, as well as 20 – 25% off your order. Tune in next Tuesday!

Trivia Answers:

Q: What Turkish dish was the inspiration for Fishnet?

A: Balik Ekmek, a fresh fish sandwich right off the boat!

Q: When we first opened our sandwiches were made with what kind of bread?

A: Ciabatta Bread

Q: When did Fishnet open to the public?

A: November 11, 2011

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