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Golden Delicious Fish Sticks

Did you see the video of how our fish sticks are prepared? Our fish sticks are prepared by the order. Watch the video here.

Our cooks take a fillet of Tilapia and slice it up. They look like nuggets instead of sticks because of this. The pieces are then dipped in an egg wash, that our cooks prepare every morning, and coated in Panko. Panko is light flaky textured Japanese bread crumbs. Once the tilapia pieces are evenly covered in panko they are deep fried until they reach their golden stage.

Traditionally fish sticks are served with Classic Tartar Sauce. You could stick to tradition or you could try them with one of our homemade sauces: Cucumber Tarragon, Sriracha Aioli, or our Old Bay Mayo. You can’t go wrong with Old Bay in Maryland!

Our fish sticks work perfectly as an appetizer to start your dinner off with crispy pieces of tilapia. They are also featured on our Happy Hour Menu and pair perfectly with our Allagash White on tap! We’ve also noticed that the kids who dine with us really enjoy our fish sticks with nothing other than ketchup!

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